Gray Eittreim Martin, LLC was founded in August 2016. The practice is a direct descendant of the multi-award winning firm Mayoue Gray Eittreim, P.C. which was comprised of Pamela Gray, Ted Eittreim, and well-known and highly regarded family law attorney John C. Mayoue. Mayoue Gray Eittreim, P.C. was founded in 2012 and provided expert legal services until the passing of John Mayoue in August of 2016.

With the formation of Gray Eittreim Martin, LLC, Pam and Ted reunited with their friend and former colleague Margaret Martin, who was a partner with another prominent family law firm in Atlanta for nearly a decade. As all three of our named partners began their family law careers at the same family law firm, the combination of their practices represents a homecoming of sorts. While their paths that ultimately converged with the formation of GEM differed slightly, their approaches to family law cases, embodied by their philosophy of zealous but compassionate advocacy, always remained a common constant in their practices.

Mentored By the Best of the Best

John Mayoue’s influence on the three partners and Gray Eittreim Martin, LLC cannot be overstated. Among his peers, he was known for his professionalism and strong ethics as one of the top divorce attorneys in the state, if not the country. His impressive list of clientele included numerous entertainers, celebrities, professional athletes, and other high-profile individuals. He was an accomplished author, writing five books on the subject of family law and myriad articles for local, regional, and national magazines and periodicals. He was a frequent speaker on television and radio shows, appearing many times on media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, CBS and ABC. Sometimes referred to by colleagues as “The Professor”, John had an encyclopedic knowledge of family law. As such, John was a nearly constant presence at continuing legal education seminars, having spoken to audiences large and small dozens upon dozens of times.

Most importantly to Pam, Ted, and Margaret, John Mayoue served as a mentor, friend, and colleague. Pam, Ted, Margaret, and the entire team at GEM carries on the spirit and mentality instilled in them by John Mayoue, and our clients today still reap the benefits of John’s philosophy and approach to every family law matter. The lawyers at GEM strive every day to conduct themselves in the manner in which John taught them, and they proudly carry those values representing the highest standards of  professionalism, preparation, and advocacy into every courtroom, settlement conference, mediation, arbitration, and meeting on behalf of their clients.

Ted and Pam wrote a tribute to John Mayoue that was published in the Fulton County Daily Report, which can be read here.